The first post – Welcome to the Center for Learning with Technology at Harding University.

17 Aug


The first post for the Center for Learning with Technology at Harding University!

The Center was approved in May 2011. We quietly began organizing over the next few months. It is currently staffed by Dr Connie Elrod and Mr Carl Walker, with additional support from Mrs Paula Kirby and Mr Keith Cronk.

The Center was established under the assumption that we have reached a definitive point, a point where all we do is immersed in digital technologies. In a recent survey published in The Economist it was observed that “a notebook and pen may have formed the tool kit of prior generations; today’s students come to class armed with smart phones, laptops and iPods”. There is no longer a trend towards using technology in teaching and learning. It is the reality of where we are. It is the era of pervasive technology. Additionally, it is recognized that learning online in various forms and guises is gaining a firm and credible foothold in Universities and as such maybe soon inseparable from any teaching and learning strategy.

The Center has adopted a uiversity wide perspective to provide services, infrastructure, professional development and expertise to enhance learning and teacher support.

The Center will promote and provide services, tools and means to achieve excellence in learning and teaching in the technological times in which we work.

The Center will do this by:

  • keeping abreast of arising best practices, with a focus on using technology in the classroom
  • incorporating current best practices
  • undertaking continual and focused professional development
  • gaining peer recognition from the Harding and wider academic community
  • being fully engaged in using technology to its potential

The Center is organized in IS&T as shown below:



We are all excited about how we are going to serve the larger community and each and every member of the faculty!

The next blog post will outline our first project – working with the International Programs department to develop packages to prepare faculty teaching courses that they do not normally teach, when they are at one of our international programs.

Keep watching this space…


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