26 Aug


Students arrived on Harding’s campus this week plugged-in, wired, connected, and equipped with smart phones, widgets, gadgets, tweets, blogs, and apps.   So how do we teach the tech savvy students, who expect to be digitally connected to one another and their instructors?   One possible innovative way, is to incorporate social media and Web 2.0 resources into the classroom.  If you are using Moodle as your course management system, then you are already making digital connections with your students.   

Using wikis, blogs, tweets, YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets to connect with students is the first step.  But, we need to move beyond using social media as a passive way to deliver content.  Students need to be engaged with the contact in a dynamic way and as educators we need to “embrace more of a content creation model.” That means encouraging students to use new tools to express ideas in new ways, get them to share the results online and help them enter into a conversation about that content with peers as well as people outside the immediate classroom” ( Weisgerber , 2010).

If you are a Moodle user, you have access to Campus Pack, a social learning platform that incorporates Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, wikis, journals, and podcasts) and enhances traditional methods of teaching.  Campus pack provides you with additional ways to collaborate and communicate with your students on-line.   Campus Pack provides social media components into one package:  social assignment, social network and academic commons, e-portfolio, and personal development plans. 

You can access Campus Pack via Moodle, by selecting “Add an activity”.   Under Campus Pack you have the following options: blogs, wiki, podcast, journals, and content. For more information on Campus Pack follow this link or contact us at The Center for Learning with Technology (



Weisgerber, C. (2010, May ). Social media in the college classroom: Professor Corinne Weisgerber talks about the educational value of new media.  Retrieved from

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