Moodle used by Year 2 students – you have to be kidding!!!

06 Sep

I want to relate a story that came to the E-learning department recently. 

A former Grad Assist in the E-learning department told how he thought when he left Harding, his days of dealing with Moodle support were over. But alas, late one night he received a call from his Mom. She was upset and perturbed because school started the very next day and her Moodle classroom was messed up! She was calling her son to help her get her Moodle classroom set up and ready for the start of school. Of course, he came to his mother’s aid and after a time the classroom was back in shape. Pheewwww…


Well so what? His mother is teaching Year 2 in Elementary School! Yes, Elementary School. Year 2 students are learning using tools inside a Moodle classroom, while they are in the classroom and when they are at home. Are you ready for these students to get to Harding?

It is a daunting thought. If you are looking for help using technology in your classroom, contact the Center for Learning with Technology at

Follow the Center on Twitter to get regular updates: @HULearnTech 

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