Looking For an Alternative to PowerPoint?: Part II

16 Sep

Looking For an Alternative to PowerPoint?: Part II

Have you ever arrived for class and realized you left your thumb drive with your PowerPoint presentation in your office or even worse, the file is corrupted?  Try web-based presentation tools that are stored on a cloud and are available when you need access to them.  Why not surprise your students next week and support your lectures with a cloud-based presentation platforms like Glogster or Empressr.

Glogster is another alternative to PowerPoint where students and teachers alike have a blank canvas to embed images, audio, text, and video in a web based format. Like Prezi, the navigation is nonlinear. EDU GLOGSTER ( is the 21st century version of a poster board. Teachers create a collaborative online learning platform for their students to explore and interact with online content and embedded media. A version of this presentation tool was created especially for educators.  Several teachers in the Canon Clary College of Education are already using Glogster to present content and are assigning student created Glogsters as well.  You can embed Glogster in wikis, web pages, blogs, and Moodle. Like what you have read so far, go to for more information.


Prefer a presentation tool that has more of the feel of PowerPoint?  Empressr is a free on-line tool that allows you to upload audio, videos, and images online for video creation, storage, and sharing. Empressr has really cool 3D transitions that you will not find in PowerPoint. You can embed your presentation into your web page, Facebook, wiki, blog ,etc…If you are short on time and need images or video uploaded for a quick presentation, try Empressr’s quick upload feature that applies transitions automatically. PowerPoint presentations can be imported, edited and saved as well.  




For additional  information contact us at

Check back next week as a Harding University teacher will share how she is integrating technology into her instruction.

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