Fall Brings an Abundance of Web 2.0 Resources

24 Sep

In celebration of the arrival of fall, we will take a glance at a few Web 2.0 resources that you might find useful in your classroom and personal life.  For some, fall inspires a time for self-reflection.  If that describes you, take a look at  Ohlife is an online personal journal that is great for capturing your daily thoughts and life’s unexpected moments.  OhLife makes journaling easy;  every day they send you an email asking you how your day is going.  To post to your journal, you reply to the email with your daily reflection and if you have a photograph you want to post, you attach it to the email.  Hit send and your reply email is sent to ohLife and is immediately posted to your private online account.   What is so cool about this site is that it is free, private and you don’t have the option to share it with anyone.  One of the few drawbacks is that you can’t make multiple posts in a day.  

Possible Classroom Application:  Students could journal about their experiences in your class or journey at Harding.  Later they can return to their entries to mark possible growth periods, struggles, and view God’s hand at work in their lives.  


Need a better way to edit, share, and store your web-based research?  Scrible ( is simple, free, and you don’t have to download anything to your computer.  Most research today is conducted on-line, why not use a free on-line application that allows you to mark up web pages in the browser (any browser), manage them, and collaborate with others online?  You can highlight important text, strikethrough irrelevant text, and leave notes right on the web-page. You can share your research pages with others and store your web research online in your personal library. For those who prefer a hard copy, you can export your web-based research to a word document keeping all or some of your annotations. Subscribe and add the Srible toolbar to your browser to begin a new way of editing, sharing and storing your web-based research.


Keep watching for more Web 2.0 Teaching Tools.

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