Web 2.0 Resources and You

04 Oct

Every year a new list of the most current Web 2.0 resources is published by technology specialists and journals.  Are you still scratching your head and asking yourself, what is Web 2.0?  Web 2.0 is a newer breed of web pages that provides the user the ability to collaborate and share information on-line.  Web 2.0 pages are not static HTML sites but dynamic web pages that allow you to do more than retrieve information.  Today we will visit the following Web 2.0 resource sites: Quietube and QR Codes


Have you ever searched on-line for a YouTube video to accompany your lesson, but stopped short because of the distractions of advertisements and uncensored comments.  Quietube  ( is a free button that you drag to your browser’s bookmarks bar for comment free and advertising free YouTube viewing.  This application also works on the following video sites: BBC iPlayer, Viddler, and Vimeo. 


QR Codes and QR Generators  


QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are visible on everything from movie posters, e-mails, business cards to t-shirts.  QR codes are two-dimensional codes that contain data of web pages, text, and phone numbers.  QR codes can be scanned by a camera on any smart phone.  First you will need to download the appropriate QR application to your smart phone.  After downloading the QR app, click on the QR app and take a picture of a QR code with your smart phone.  Once you take a picture of the QR code you will be connected to text, a phone number, image, video, or a web site associated with the QR code.   For more information on how to integrate QR codes in higher education download the QR application for your phone and take a picture of the QR code above and begin your adventure today.

A few ways to begin incorporating QR codes into you courses:

  •  Add a QR code to word-processor documents for students to check their answers
  •  Post a QR code in your classroom that will give students access to class handout
  •  Implement clicker-type applications, such as polls by projecting on-screen multiple choice QR codes
  •  Add QR codes to presentations with links to videos or additional web resources
  •  Convert podcast to QR codes for easy access from smart phones

To create QR codes you will need a QR code generator.  The Internet is replete with QR code generators.  You can generate a code for ULR, text, phone number, SMS, or e-mail

The following are free QR Code Generators:

After you create your code you can save the image to insert into documents or presentations. In addition, you can copy the embed code to embed into your blog, web site, or social media accounts.   Access to web sites and digital media is a scan away with your Smart Phone QR application.

Hope these Web 2.0 tools will help you enjoy a quieter visit to YouTube and quicker access to web sites with you Smart Phone. 

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Later in the week we will have a guest blog about their experience with technology integration.

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One response to “Web 2.0 Resources and You

  1. Nicole

    October 5, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks for the great info on QR codes! I downloaded the QR Droid app for my phone and tried it out on the code in this post. It worked great! I’m definitely interested to see how more and more people use this technology in education!


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