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Phone casting: Cellphones in Learning?

Podcasting in education is not a new concept; they are audio recordings that are available online. Basically, podcasting is blogging without writing.  iTunesU is easily one of the most recognizable repositories for free educational podcasts, movies, audio, and documents available on college campuses today.  Have you ever been deterred from audio recording mini-lectures or leaving messages on your Moodle site or your blog, due to the complexity of equipment setup and time to record?  If you have a cell phone, smart or not, you can quickly and easily begin podcasting or phone casting today from your cell phone.  Phone casting, is a more creative use of podcasting that utilizes cell phones to record audio that you can easily publish and share.  Currently, ipadio, Audioboo, and Voki are popular options for recording audio from a phone.   Record your message, hang up your phone and voilà, you have created a phone cast that can either be broadcasted to the world or restricted to folks of your choice.  

Audioboo – ( is a mobile and web audio recording device that effortlessly allows you to record and share audio.  Simply record your voice with your mobile phone (iPhone and Android apps) or via the web, attach a picture and then share it with the world or just your friends. Blackberry and Windows devices will be added soon.  Your recordings are called “boos” and are saved on your Audioboo webpage or you can also embed your boos into your blogs, wiki, or website. You can then link your boos directly to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr or Friendfeed.  With the free plan, you are able to record up to 3 minutes per “boo”.  Audioboo is an engaging tool and can be used in any curriculum area, so be creative and consider how you can use boos with study guides, feedback, assessment, culture comparisons and more.

iPadio – ( is a mobile and web audio recording device that is similar to Audioboo. You can record your voice with your mobile or landline phone by calling a toll free number.  iPadio is quick, easy, and you can moderate other’s comments to your phonecast. Want to post your audio broadcast directly to your social media site?  Under Profile Settings choose which social media sites (WordPress, LiveJounral, Posterous, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook) you want to post your audio broadcast to and when you make a recording it will automatically be posted to that site for you. For me, what sets iPadio apart from other phone recording platforms is that a text version of your recording is displayed alongside your phonecast. Additionally, the text-to-speech tool provides you the ability to edit the text of your voice recording.  Unlike Audioboo, you cannot record directly from the iPadio website.  Last winter when a snow storm resulted in classes being cancelled at Harding, I used iPadio to record out-of-class- assignment directions for my students to perform and posted them to my Moodle site.  Here are a few examples of how you can use iPadio in your courses:  assess students’ speaking abilities by recording their speech, use iPadio to record research data while conducting interviews, business students could record audio coupons for a local business, hosting interviews with academics and staff, and record student conversations concerning a famous painting or composition.



Integrating tools into your courses that students enjoy using is a step toward engaging your twenty-first century learners.  Check back later for a look at how you can use voice recording platforms like Voki and other “Avitar” web 2.0 resources to enhance your courses.  

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CLT: Faculty Training


Future Prezi Presenters take time during their lunch break to experience hands-on Prezi training.  If you want to learn more about Prezi, join one of the future trainings. Watch Colleagues for future training dates. Join us tomorrow as we explore conversations around images, videos, and documents with Voicethread training at noon.  We have a few spots open for those interested in asynchronous learning (Voicethread). You can email us at for further details. Curious about Prezi, check out the Prezi below.




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