Webdoc: Web Content, Social Media, Curriculum, and Student Interaction

04 Jan

 If you are interested in increasing student interaction with course content, there are some excellent options to choose from that will help you leverage your class time. One such tool called webdoc is a free platform that helps students engage with your course content outside the classroom. Webdoc is still in Beta and is a fairly new platform that has the feel of a blog, digital poster, and web document all “rolled up” into one service.  When you want students to have a conversation around a topic, content, or an idea, create a webdoc rich in multimedia and content that allows your students to become active learners.  

Webdoc is similar to a blog because you can easily add text, images, videos (YouTube and other videos) to your page and your students/readers can reply via comment or by creating their own webdoc in response.  So how is it like a digital poster? Like a digital poster you can insert images from multiple sources (computer, Flickr, Facebook and Google). An added feature is the ability to add text captions to images.  If you want to add an interactive element, you can use the apps option to select widgets that will give your readers to ability to interact with your webdoc.  For example, you can add a poll or a yes or no interactive app.  You can also share a webpage or a Google Map with your students by directly embedding it into your webdoc.  

Registration to webdoc is free and you can use your existing Twitter or Facebook account to sign in or register for an account directly at webdoc.  When you are done, share your webdoc by posting it on Twitter, Facebook, or a link via email. You can embed your webdoc into your existing web page as well. Below you will find an example of a webdoc.

Scratching your head as to how you can use this in your course/courses this spring? You can create a poll to gather student’s response to a question, which will be posted directly to your webdoc.  You can pose more complex questions to your students on your webdoc and they can reply separately with their answers. Or have your students create their own webdocs expressing their thoughts on a particular topic.  Webdoc has a site solely for education and you can go here to view additional ways to integrate a webdoc into your course activities.  What are your ideas on how to use webdoc in your course/courses this semester?
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