Value of Online Education

27 Jan

The landscape of higher education in American is changing. Online education continues to become more and more prevalent with approximately 30% of American college students having been enrolled in at least one course online (Elaine Allen, 2011). The Pew Research Center 2011 survey of American College Presidents reported that 15% of their undergraduate students have taken online courses and predicted that 10 years from now, 50% of students will have taken a class online. 


As many detractors of online learning continue to question the integrity of institutions at the forefront of virtual learning initiatives, two major factors become more apparent. The first is that adequately training faculty to teach online courses is paramount to achieving quality in the burgeoning field of online education. Secondly, time spent with content is a major factor in contributing to students’ academic success (Scott Jaschik, 2009). 


Looking across the pond, we find a prominent advocate and leader of online education. Sir Howard Newby is the Vice-chancellor of the University of Liverpool and dicusses the role that online education has and will have in the future of global higher education. You can hear his perspective by viewing the following video.



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