Are We Ready for First Graders Who Tweet?

07 Mar

Yep, you read the title correctly; first graders are tweeting about their day at school.  First graders in Abraham Lincoln Elementary School tweet at the end of their school day and parents eagerly read about their child’s activities.  These technology savvy first graders also contribute to a class blog and develop their own books.  

As the title suggests, are we ready in higher education to meet the technologically savvy readiness and demands of the Twenty-first Century learner?  Some of you are probably doing the math and are thinking; oh I will be retired by then.  I have some good news and bad news for you; the bad news is those students are already here and the good news is we already have access to the necessary technology for Tweeting, blogging, and text book development.  Most students have a smart phone and already have a Twitter account.  Why not set up a Twitter account and begin engaging your students in class discussion outside of the classroom. Here are a few ways to use Twitter in your classroom: class announcements, class discussion, increased time thinking about course related links by tweeting  links to learning materials, blogs, and networking sites, students creating their own personal brand for future job investment, learning to write concisely, using the power of Twitter to connect to business  professionals, and brainstorming ideas.


For other examples of Twitter use in the classroom click on the following link.    

To read more about Jodi Conrad’s first grade class at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School click on the following link.,0,7378048.story   

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