StudyBlue: Give Students the Power to Create and Share Online Flashcards

30 Mar

Interview | Changing the ‘Study’ Paradigm with StudyBlue

Posted on December 2, 2011(

There are some tools for learning that just feel right. What’s better is when they’re actually good for you, and when the results are amazing. This story is about a little company having a big impact, and that provides for students both in high school and college settings, as well as the teachers and professors who help them. As head of company, Becky Splitt brings over 15 years of experience in early stage tech business growth, has worked for Microsoft running MSN’s International business; Christopher Klundt heads technology development and operations, graduated top of class in Computer Science and BioMed Engineering at UW Madison, went straight to work designing the software platform that is now StudyBlue.

Victor: Briefly, why StudyBlue?

Becky: We created StudyBlue to give students the power to create and share online flashcards and study materials for their courses. We realized that, all too often, students have to rely on their teachers to take advantage of technology created for learning. StudyBlue puts the power of making useful online study materials directly in the hands of students.

Victor: What is it and who created it?

Christopher: I founded StudyBlue with a friend from college and with the help and support of a mentor of mine who eventually became our seed investor. We started StudyBlue because we were driven to find a better way for students to achieve greater academic success through the use of technology. The original prototype service, called “,” offered tutoring, class calendars and study group coordination, as well as note and flashcard sharing. We launched StudyBlue in 2009 as a suite of online and mobile study tools focused on helping students mastertheir stuff.

Victor: What does it do and what are the benefits?

Christopher: StudyBlue provides a digital backpack for students to store, study, share and ultimately master course material. They can choose to work alone or collaborate online with others. Now that students can create and study materials on their phones, studying can happen anywhere.

Becky: Students can type and text much faster than they can write, so whether they create flashcards using their computer or their phone, they save time. We’ve found that students who use our mobile app are two times more likely to study between the hours of 6 and 8 a.m., which saves them from studying late into the night. Additionally, mobile studiers spend up to an hour or more studying every week because they take advantage of downtime, such as waiting for the bus. We’re creating the easiest and most convenient way ever for students to master their material.

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