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21 May


ProfHacker: Projects with Instructables

May 18, 2012, 11:00 am

So. How are you going to spend your summer?  Writing that book?  Finishing the article?  Recreating that course?  Spending hours upon hours in the stacks at your university library?   Sounds like fun.  How about activities that are less-than academic?  Remodeling the kitchen?  Canning vegetables from your garden?  Finishing that quilt?  Making your own backpacking food?  Building a heavy-duty sling shot?  Learning basic break dancing moves and freezes?  Throughout the year, we spend most of our time working.  We even work during our vacations.  Yet to have a balanced life, we must make plans to play and have some fun.

Building a heavy-duty sling shot is fun.  So is building an inexpensive terrarium or making strawberry and banana whoopie pies.  We just have to make plans to do them.  We also, at least for most of us, need know how to do these things.

Instructables to the rescue.  According to its website, Instructables is “the Biggest How To and DIY community” on the Internet.  Instructables allows users to “make and share inspiring, entertaining, and useful projects, recipes, and hacks.”  Instructables is similar to Pinterest, a website we’ve written about before here at ProfHacker.  Where Pinterest allows users to save, or “pin,” their possible DIY projects and ideas to pinboards for later use, Instructables takes these idea further; users actually show other users how to do construct and create these projects.

Peruse the website and you’ll find DIY projects related to technology, furniture, duct tape, gardening, fashion, parenting, pets or a myriad of other subjects.

There’s a terrarium in my future.  A terrarium and some whoopie pies.  A terrarium, some whoopie pies, and other fun activities I’ve found on Instructables.

So. How about you?  Certainly you will probably need to accomplish work this summer.  But what else can you do?  What DIY projects do you think you might tackle this summer?  Please leave comments or suggestions below.

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