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11 Jun

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4 Professors Discuss Teaching Free Online Courses for Thousands of Students

By Jeffrey R. Young

 What is it like to teach a free online course to tens of thousands of students? Dozens of professors are doing just that, experimenting with a format known as Massive Open Online Courses. And there are more providers than ever, some working with elite universities, and others that allow any professor to join in

The Chronicle asked four professors, teaching on different platforms, to share their thoughts on the experience so far. The responses are based on e-mail interviews, which have been condensed and edited for publication.



Peter Struck: Associate professor of classical studies, University of Pennsylvania, teaching via Coursera   

Reworking a Course Into an Online Format: ‘Sort of Like Moving’

“You find things in the version of the course you know well and wonder, Now why did I hang onto that? And then you run into other things and are reminded of why they’re so important.”


David Evans: Associate professor of computer science, University of Virginia, teaching via Udacity

Turning ‘Muddled Recordings’ Into a ‘Seamless Video’

“This is different from classroom lecturing since the students are not there when you are doing it (most of the recording is done alone), and the recording will be edited to top produce the class.”



Margaret Soltan: Associate professor of English, George Washington University, teaching via Udemy

Sharing a Passion for Poetry With Students Around the World 

“I hope that the willingness of American university professors to do free MOOC’s will enhance the image of universities among Americans, many of whom think of tenured university professors as people always looking to get out of teaching, always obsessed with their own research.”





Curtis Bonk: Professor of education, Indiana University at Bloomington, teaching via Blackboard

  Building Different MOOC’s for Different Pedagogical Needs

   “Some people seem to treat MOOC’s as a type of religious experience.”

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