Can you tell if students are understanding what you are saying?

12 Jul

The Problem

During lectures, it’s hard for every student to let you know if they understand or if they’re confused. Especially in large classes, many students are reluctant to express their confusion which limits both their learning and their enjoyment.

The Solution

Understoodit addresses this issue by allowing students to anonymously, and in real-time, indicate if they understand or are confused. Understoodit runs on devices that you and your students already own: smartphones, tablets, netbooks and notebooks.

For Teachers

Why wait until evaluations at the end of the term to find out if your students were confused? With understoodit, you get feedback in real-time allowing you to make changes during your lecture to help students understand difficult topics.

For Students

Understoodit allows you to anonymously, and democratically, inform the professor that you’re either confused or you understand. Giving your professors feedback allows them to improve their teaching and your learning.

Maybe someone wants to use this in their class this Fall? Let us know if you do…

Here is the link: Understoodit

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