Digital Study Tools for Students

16 Jul


College students today are digital natives, a phrase coined by Marc Prensky, a decade ago in 2001 describing college students, as being “surrounded by and using computers, videogames, digital music players, video cams, cell phones, and all the other toys and tools of the digital age.” The challenge for our education system is to leverage technology to create relevant learning experiences that mirror students’ daily lives and the reality of their futures (Bradnsor et al. 2006). With the influence and demand of the “digital natives”, the rise of mobile technology is changing the way we teach and learn

This year in your classes, try one of the following online digital study tools to empower students to create multimedia content and share it with the world, share their knowledge and ideas, and to collaborate and learn new things.


StudyMate is a tool that allows students to create flash-based activities and games.  Students can use the interactive self-assessments and games to master course material.  At Harding University we have access to StudyMate through Moodle and Canvas. 

Study Blue

Teachers you can create free flashcards for your students to access online at  or with either an Android or Apple app. Students can add their own content and share their flash cards with other students. As students’ progress they can track their mastery of key concepts. 


For all of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac users of the world, you can create free text, images, and flashcards on  Then download the app for your iPhones and iPads for $2.99 to study the materials created. 


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