Bring Your Own Mobile Devices To School

24 Aug

Education for today’s learners

Source: “Prepare your WLAN for the BYOD Invasion,” Aberdeen Group


In today’s educational environments, more and more students, guests, and faculty are bringing in their own Wi-Fi devices into the campus network. This presents a unique challenge to the IT administrator. This paper discusses the challenges and solutions IT administrators are facing and how HP is addressing the security and management of the multiple devices being introduced into the wireless/wired network.

Technology is an essential element to keeping today’s students engaged. Demand for the expanded use of technology in education to raise academic achievement comes from virtually all constituents, from the federal government, to state education departments, to local school boards, teachers, parents, and students themselves. 

Tablets, notebooks, and other mobile devices takes learning out from computer labs and libraries and puts it directly into student’s hands. Especially for students who have grown up with Internet, gaming consoles, and texting. Digital curricula allow teachers to create new levels of interactivity that are ideal for individual and team learning, developing science and math skills, and language immersion. Mobile devices open up a universe of possibilities for science labs, distance learning, and student presentations. Teachers have new ways to assess students’ individual progress and provide additional instruction to students before they fall significantly behind.

To view the entire White Paper, download the document below.

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