Thoughts from Gartner Symposium ITExpo 2012 – 1

23 Oct

This will be a growing entry….
An overall theme is 'The Nexus of Forces'.? Wha forces you ask? Good because I wanted to tell you.
There are 4 forces at play.
1. CLOUD.? The cloud has not really formed completely yet. But we are at the end of the beginning of cloud formation.
2. MOBILE.? This is now the entry point of services for most people, which in turn changes the way most services are delivered. Mobile sharply presents the idea of 'the internet of everything' where everything is connected; from running shoes to power turbines!
3. SOCIAL. Social marketing is a discipline in many organizations now! One question posef by this was; 'is LinkedIn more accurate than your HR data?' Interesting thought.
4. INFORMATION. This is specifically thinking of big data.? Data becomes a revenue source. Reinforces the significance of the cloud.

This nexus of forces makes the role of IT crucial. Every budget in an organization will be sn IT budget. It has been estimated that up to 6mill jobs will be created globally as the nexus is formed. How are education systems preparing people for these jobs? They postulated that they are not. What an amazing opportunity.

Where are you in the nexus?

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