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Scott M. Fulton

Hank & John Green: Your Students’ Favorite Teachers

Scott M. Fulton
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Popcorn and a Movie

Before you head to class with the video you nabbed from the Internet, don’t forget to take some Popcorn with you. Yes, with  Popcorn, the folks at Mozilla (and friends) have developed a free web video editing tool that allows you to add clickable layers of information to a video. You can add to, edit, or remix an online video.  If you have an idea, video on the web, and a browser, you can use Popcorn to add live links, maps, and information that can be edited and updated live.  Imagine showing a video to your students and layering an article from Wikipedia on top of the video. You can publish and share remixed video on your blog, Twitter, or Tumblr or just grab the code and embed it into your course on Canvas.

Curious? Watch the Ted Talks video and find out how you can remix online videos to engage your students to explore content in a non-linear fashion while maintaining the original intent of the author and watch your presentations pop!

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