Objectivism and Constructivism: Approaches in Class-Structure

16 Apr

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Colloquium Series, March 19
Dr. Kelly Elander
Assistant Professor of Communication
Title: Integrating Teacher-Centered and Learner-Centered Learning  (Objectivism and Constructivism) Approaches in Class-structure, Reference materials, and Activities to Improve Student Motivation and Involvement

Dr. Elander shared with fellow faculty in attendance how integrating the two approaches (objectivism and constructivism) into the classroom, by capitalizing on the strength of each approach, has the potential of motivating and engaging students. For too long Instructional designers and college instructors have felt pressure to choose between objectivist and constructivist learning approaches. However, recent research has offered a view that  attempts to integrate the two learning approaches to provide a common model uniting both and capitalizing on the benefits of each approach.  Later in the presentation Dr. Elander asked the faculty to consider the requirements of the five dimensions of learning when combining teacher-and learner-center approaches:

  • pre-existing and emerging information: foundational and central concepts
  • learner engagement with learning and information
  • learning processing of the information
  • learner application of the information
  • expert thinking (problem solving) use of the information

You may view Dr. Elander’s Colloquium Series Presentation below or visit the following link:

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