Student Polling Systems in the Undergraduate Classroom

14 May

gordon colloquium

Engaging students with the use of polling systems or student response systems, has been associated with positive educational outcomes. With polling systems, students are engaged and receive immediate feedback. Increasing student “engagement has been associated with positive educational outcomes by fostering student engagement and by allowing immediate feedback to both students and instructors” (Fortner-Wood, Armistead,Marchand,& Morris, 2013).

Faculty members at Harding University from various disciplines have been engaging students with student polling systems for several years. Dr. Grodon Sutherlin, Professor in the College of Education here at Harding, along with his daughter, Dr. Amber Sutherlin, an Associate Professor at Abilene University conducted a study, which explored the effectiveness of student polling systems in promoting engagement and to assess the advancement of a positive and active learning environment in lectures.

As part of our Colloquium Series, Dr Gordon Sutherlin presented his research to fellow faculty members, which evaluated six studies conducted over four years. Check out the link below to see the presentation in its entirety and find out more about student polling.

Past colloquial presentations are available on our website.

Dr. Gordon Sutherlin’s Presentation

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