Engage Your Students: Presentation APPs for Your Classroom

19 Jun

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Need an app to help you create a presentation for your next lecture or conference?   Creating effective multimedia presentations is a skill every 21st century teacher should work to achieve.  Multimedia presentations help engage and capture student’s interest in the content being presented. Another added benefit is your presentation is paperless. Just think, your next classroom presentation or conference you present at, can be paperless.  Oh, the best part is that all of the apps are free.

Here are a few of my favorite presentation apps :

1. Animoto – A web-based tool that allows your to create free 30 second videos integrating music, pictures,and videos.  Or for $30 a year you can upgrade to a Plus account where you can create 10 minute videos and access to more visual styles.  Animoto is intuitive and easy to use providing easy editing, uploading, and sharing of videos.  With a 30 second video you can capture the most salient information that your students need to “take  away” from the lecture. For teachers who teach online, your  students can create a 30 second video showcasing who they are through images, music, and text to share with fellow classmates.

2SlideShark – Enables PowerPoint users to show (can’t create one with the app) their PowerPoint® presentations from the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.  What is nice about this app is that you don’t lose any of the cool animations, fonts, graphics, hyperlinks and videos.  Plus, your lecture notes are displayed when you run the show, so even though you cannot create presentations with this app, you will have a powerful control option at your fingertips for your next presentation.

3. Sliderocket – An easy-to-use site for creating visually engaging slideshows, recently purchased by ClearSlide.  Sliderocket has some of the same elements of PowerPoint or Animoto, but is unique in that you can embed live data into your presentations, such as social media newsfeeds, and global news from sites such as Yahoo! or MSN.

4. emaze – A cool mix between PowerPoint and Prezi. Emaze is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere. The presentation software app works on a  PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones.  You can collaboratively present with your colleagues and embed your presentation in any web page (think Canvas).  Your presentation can be created in minutes with access to existing templates and ready-made slides.  Emaze is currently in Beta form and here are a few links to emaze presentation examples: Assessment as Learning  and The Beauty of Social Media.

5. Haiku Deck – “Haiku Deck is a smart app that makes beautiful slide shows in no time and makes your iPad a more productive tool” (Boehret, 2012).  The emphasis with this presentation tool is blending single, full-bleed photos with minimal text.  You are limited to two lines of text for each photograph.  You may upload your own images or pull them from networks like Facebook, Instagram and Picasa.  The app offers you over 35 legally shareable images to use in your presentation.  The idea is to focus each slide on one idea.

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