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Faculty Technology Showcase 2013

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Faculty Technology Showcase 2013

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The Center for Learning with Technology’s annual Faculty Technology Showcase has become the platform for faculty members to show their peers the unique ways they are using technology in their courses. On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, a group of faculty members gathered in the Regions room of Harding University’s David B. Burkes Heritage Building to observe the front-line between technology and education. The 2013 Faculty Technology Showcase featured 13 faculty members sharing their expertise and knowledge of certain technologies and systems, adapted to suit an educational or supplemental role.

There were many fresh and exciting technologies displayed at the Showcase, as well as traditional systems that are finding new, dynamic ground to cover.  Faculty presenters demonstrated their integration of technology with their hybrid, fully online and traditional course objectives.

Faculty who attended were privileged to hear how Jim Miller incorporates Social Media into his undergraduate courses, how Lisa Burley and the library staff can bring rich online  resources to Canvas courses with LibGuide, and how Jeff Hopper and his staff developed and electronic textbook for BNEW 313, featuring Dr. Bruce McLarty’s travels to locations around the Mediterranean, where the Apostle Paul visited,hoping to bring the course to life for students studying abroad.

Another technology on display was infographics, a visual display of complex data, that can be easily integrated in an online course to encourage collaboration and creativity. You can find infographics almost  anywhere, from the classroom to a McDonald’s bag. The new learning management system, Canvas was featured, with  Jimmy Behel demonstrating the use of media comments in Speed-grader and Tim Westbrook sharing how you can use the discussion forum tool to encourage problem-based learning activities. Steve Moore, revealed how he has been employing Echo 360 lecture captures for the past several years, providing his students access to to class lectures via Cavnas.

We would like to thank all of the faculty presenters this year who shared their use and experiences with technology integration: Amy Adair (Goodgle Docs), Alyssa Hepburn (Collaborative Classroom),Tim Westbrook (Problem-Based learning in Canvas), Gordon Sutherlin, (EduGadgets), Beverly Rose (Media Center), Connie Shay (Online Course Design/Infographics), Jimmy Behel (Speed-grader/Canvas), Jim Miller (Social Media), Usen Akapanudo (SmartBoard), Steve Warren (A/V Recording Lab), Jeff Hopper (ePublishing in International Programs), Lisa Burley (Library LibGuides), and Steve Moore (Lecture Capture/ECHO 360).

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